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Salt Crystal Lamps


Healing & Relaxing Qualities!


These beautiful unique lamps and candle holders are crafted from 261 million year old salt crystals from the Himalayas Mountains. These beautiful crystals were formed over millions of years ago while the earth was still in the making from the  very first seas and oceans.  The Himalayan mines are of the purest of all salt deposits that come from one of the riches sources in the region.

The salt crystals range in natural color from pure white, light coral, peach, apricot,  red and darker red in natural color,  depending on the iron content in particular salt caves. Over time the iron and minerals that have dripped into the salt deposits ( see my page on quality)  Each piece  whether  a  lamp or candle holder is  minimally chipped  from natural  million yr old chunks of    ancient  prehistoric salt. From the first seas and oceans on the planet.

I also have a special gallery  page of carefully crafted chunks made into pyramids, globes, pillars & my  original carved FIRE BOWLS! tm Simply stunning when they are lit. Cords with  on/off switches are included with purchase) My fire bowls come in natural colors also that range from the pure white to coral. SO BEAUTIFUL/

Salt lamps & Tea light holders are very beneficial to Health, Body, Mind & Spirit!  Many healing qualities.

Salt crystal lamps & tea light holders work the same as air purifiers except naturally. 

They absorb stale air such as dust, smoke, pet odors, allergens.  Cleans the air by emitting negative ions.  They draw airborne bacteria & floating dust  in the air from the surrounding rooms and put out a more fresher smell making it easier to breath. Reported to have the ability of cleaning the air of bacteria and germs. Great natural way to help lessen allergies, asthma, breathing problems, & eye strain by overuse of computers.

Place near computers, TVís, (very soothing for the eyes after a long day working on computer) great for kids room, they love them! Calm them  for a nice night light,  as they can be on all night without getting hot. Very safe.

Place in any room or just anywhere you want to add a beautiful natural glow in your home. Very soothing and relaxing     

Firebowl Closeup
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